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Tai-Ji Quan [ Tai-Chi ]
Tai-Ji is a traditional Chinese martial art system with an origin stretching back into historical legend. Movement 'with' - non-opposition to - force; working the body and mind within their natural limits, increasing metabolic rate, strengthening the heart and improving blood circulation.

Tests show Tai-Ji improves health in those with or without complaint. One evolves without extreme and intense activity that may stress an individual beyond their natural capacity. This allows one to evolve in the art within their own range of motion and strength.

Within the Five-Elements Tai-Ji Association, Tai-Ji is taught with attention to detail. In many classes a student is only required to memorize a series of moves in a particular order with little or no regard to fundamental principles or understanding, merely copying choreographed movement. It is more important to understand and internalise a few moves, than to follow many moves or to merely learn by rote routines.

For the student interested in expanding their knowledge and practice of Tai-Ji, one-to-one sessions are available as well as workshops to provide new and old students alike with the opportunity of exploring the art further.

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